FAQ | Matlacha Specialty Market in Matlacha, Florida

  1. What is the truffle in the sauces we carry?  A truffle is a type of fungus, much like a mushroom.  They are found predominately in Europe.  In fact, a truffle’s flavor is like a mushroom as well.  Truffles are grown underground close to tree roots, and usually dug up by pigs who naturally can smell them.  Pair truffle with Veuve Cliquot champagne.
  2. Why can you eat the shell and all with the deep-fried peanuts you have in your store?  When the peanuts are deep fried the shells soften a bit and lose their chalkiness and stringiness.  This makes the peanuts delicious and healthier because the shells add fiber to your diet.
  3. What are the Sweety Drop peppers that you sell at Matlacha Specialty Market?  Sweety Drops are teardrop shaped sweet peppers grown in Peru.  They pair well with guacamole, fish or just right out of the tub!
  4. Do you carry lunch meats and cheeses?  Yes, we proudly carry Dietz and Watson deli meats, salami’s and artisanal cheeses.  We carry this brand because they have no nitrates, antibiotics or hormones.
  5. Do you have gluten free products?  Yes, we do! We have gluten free cookies, pastas and route 11 chips.
  6. Do you carry local foods?  Yes, we carry local honey from Heritage Point in Fort Myers.  We proudly carry Momma Donna’s jams, jellies and honey from right here in Bokeelia. We also have Pine Island Road Kill hot sauces.
  7. What craft beers do you carry?  We have Islamorada Channel Marker, Local Punta Gorda Big Boca, Hop Devil, Islamorada Keybilly Island Ale, and Key West Sunset Ale.
  8. What is charcuterie, and what charcuterie products do you sell?  We have Spanish Salami from Creminelli.  We carry Italian salami’s from Busetto, as well as prosciutto and hot Cappy.
  9. Do you sell Cigarettes?  We do.  We have American Spirits, Marlboros, Pall Mall and 305’s.
  10. Where are you located?  We are on Pine Island Rd between world famous Bert’s Bar and the Bridgewater inn.
  11. Do you have parking?  Yes, we do.
  12. What wine do you sell?  We have a large assortment of wines from all over the word.  Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Germany and of course the United States.
  13. Do you carry regular everyday items?  Yes, we carry toilet paper, paper towels, dish and laundry soap, paper plates and cups, and other sundries.
  14. What kind of Soda’s do you sell?  We carry Coca Cola products as well as specialty sodas in many different and unique flavors.
  15. Do you have local art?  We have locally made pottery, jewelry, art, glass and don’t miss out on our locally made candles, soaps and scrubs.